VOC, EN-71, Hazard Symbols….What does it all mean?

We, the manufacturers, have the responsibility to ensure the heath and safety of the people using our products as well as looking after the environment.  Something we at TIMBEREX take very seriously.

There is a lot of legislation in place to guarantee this, but we realize that it can be difficult for our customers and the general public to clearly understand what the different labels and legislations stand for, so in this section of our website we would like to explain in clear text what they all mean.

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic compounds are directly linked to global warming. To reduce the harmful contaminants and chemicals released into the environment, the European Union introduced legislation starting 2010 to reduce the volume of VOC’s in all decorative paints and coatings being produced or sold in the EU.  There are different classes for different products. TIMBEREX Oils are in Class F which means we can have no more than 700gr./ per Litre.   

See below for a complete listing of the VOC’s in our products. They are all VOC-2010 compliant.


TIMBEREX Free                                      < 10g./L.

TIMBEREX Wax-Oil                                < 10g./L.

TIMBEREX Gold                                        150g./L.

TIMBEREX Natural                           455-485g./L.

TIMBEREX Colored                          455-485g./L.

TIMBEREX Hard-Wax Oil, Satin             400g./L.

TIMBEREX Hard-Wax Oil, Matt              470g./L.

TIMBEREX Satin Oil                                  640g./L.

TIMBEREX Satin Oil Gold                         260g./L.

TIMBEREX Satin Oil Gold Mousse           350g./L.

TIMBEREX Heavy Duty                            470g./L.

TIMBERGUARD                                         470g./L.

TIMBERGUARD Colored                          470g./L.

TIMBERGUARD Mousse                          350g./L.

VOC logo 

EN71-Part 3

This certification is a part of the European “Toy Safety” directive from 1990.  This legislation was put in place to ensure that no toy was introduced or sold in the EU within ensuring that the toy contained no dangerous materials that could hurt children under the age of 14 by either skin contact, through spit or by swallowing the toy.   

This legislation is relevant to TIMBEREX because our oils are being used on wood toys, kitchen utensils and kitchen worktops which are either in direct contact with children or in-direct through foods.

ALL the TIMBEREX products are EN71-3 Certified.

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Hazard symbols are recognizable symbols placed in a orange box on the packaging. They are designed to warn about hazardous materials or locations.  We would recommend that, should you choose a product that carries hazard symbols, that you require a Material Safety Datasheet from the dealer or manufacturer to ensure you are fully aware of the possible dangers involved using such a product in detail. Our Safety Datasheets are available on this website or from our dealers worldwide.

NONE of the TIMBEREX products must carry any hazard symbols