• Transparent and light-stable
  • Thixotropic alkyd resins
  • Penetrates for deep protection
  • Non film forming
  • Enhances the wood structure
  • Microporous, allows the wood to breathe
  • Excellent outdoor durability
  • Good protection against UV rays
  • Light-stable wood shades
  • Standard colours
  • Packaging: 1L. - 2,5L – 10L

Slight thixotropic solvent based wood stain based on special urethane modified linseed oil alkyd resins. TIMBEREX® Thixo is an easy to apply thixotropic stain with great protective and cosmetic qualities with a slightly thicker texture than other wood-stains. This allows for a thicker coating of the product to be applied for better long-term protection and makes it more convenient to use, especially for overhead work. Transparent and colour fast - accentuates wood grains - very penetrating product - penetrative treatment and protection - excellent UV-rays and weather resistance – micro porous, so no risk of blisters or peeling off - easier maintenance - not a film former.


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Product details

PWA800.5, PWA801.5, PWA802.5, PWA804.5, PWA806.5, PWA807.5
Main Features
1-component, Solvent-based, Topcoat
Gloss Level
5 l
Substrate Wood
Cedar / redwood, New wood trim / doors, Untreated, Varnish / woodstain
Touch dry
3 hours
Dry to recoat
24 hours
VOC level
max. 550 g/l